CLEVELAND — Some union workers are criticizing U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, a week after a Spectrum News report showed he sold cars that were made in China, despite telling voters multiple times that he would not.

What You Need To Know

  • Union workers held a news conference Tuesday to criticize Bernie Moreno 

  • Union workers say they cannot trust Moreno

  • Moreno’s campaign said Moreno did not contradict himself 

Members of the UAW and AFL-CIO, along with labor advocates, gathered near Youngstown to say they cannot trust Moreno. 

The controversy stems from the Buick Envision, a Chinese-made car that Moreno said he told GM he wouldn’t sell when he owned a dealership in Beachwood.

But Spectrum News last week found testimonials about the vehicle from 2016 on the Bernie Moreno Companies YouTube page.

“He lied about selling foreign cars, well Chinese cars,” said Jose Arroyo, Vice President of Mahoning/Trumbull County AFL-CIO. “Once again, if you do it, that’s your business, but you don’t go and lie to the American people, not lie to Ohioans or lie to people in the valley about your business records.” 

But Moreno’s campaign said Moreno did not contradict himself, saying his comments were not referring to the cars that were already on his lot.

As for Tuesday’s news conference, the campaign released a statement saying, “Since Sherrod Brown first went to Washington, D.C., Ohio has lost nearly 200,000 manufacturing jobs, while Sherrod continues to push job-killing electric vehicle mandates and wage depressing open border policies. While Bernie led an effort to try to save thousands of jobs in Lordstown after the plant was shut down, Sherrod Brown was a cheerleader for handing the plant over to Lordstown Motors, which quickly went belly up and destroyed thousands of jobs in the Mahoning Valley.”