CLEVELAND — Case Western Reserve computer science professor Sanjaya Gajurel knows a thing or two about super computers and storing terabytes of valuable research data. 

What You Need To Know

  • A.I. data requires high-tech super-computer server technology 

  • Case Western Reserve University is hoping to stay on the cutting edge of A.I. technology 

  • Gajurel says jobs using A.I. will be at the forefront for upcoming students attending Case 

These new GPU servers are specifically for A.I., and although many people are using platforms like ChatGPT, Gajurel wants to make sure his computer science students know the ins and outs of the emerging technology. 

“How they will understand the code, how they can modify the code, so that it can like run better, they can run it in GPU’s,” Gajurel said.

The National Science Foundation recently awarded Case Western, the Ohio Supercomputer Center and University of Cincinnati a $5.1 million grant to help our state’s institutions accelerate A.I. and machine learning research. 

Case will recruit and hire A.I. Experts, train students to use the technology and allow community colleges access as well. 

Gajurel hopes tech advancement will lead to better use of data and future jobs. 

“We are not like using 80% of the data that we are getting, so if we can make use of that 80% of data with A.I. and things like that, it’s going to be much better,” Gajurel said.

Gajurel has known about the emergence of A.I. for approximately eight years, and now that it’s here, he’s excited for what the future holds. 

“We just need to be, as I mentioned to you, ethical, and then use it properly,” Gajurel said. 

The new A.I. experts are expected to research, participate in conferences and workshops, as well as create training materials. 

The main areas of research center on biomedical engineering, as well as materials and agricultural data science.