COLUMBUS, Ohio — Twin brothers, Tavon and Davon Woods, are walking across the country in an attempt to raise awareness for children in foster care.

What You Need To Know

  • Tavon and Davon Woods are walking across the country in an attempt to raise awareness for children in foster care

  • The twins walked through Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Ohio

  • The two hope to raise enough money to open a transitional home for teenagers aging out of foster care

"The reason why we’re doing this is because often times, kids in foster care feel as though no one is willing to walk the extra mile for them, so that’s why we’re taking our time and dedicating our miles towards these kids in foster care," Davon said.

According to Ohio Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), there are 16,000 children in Ohio's foster care system with 1,000 teenagers aging out of the system each year.

“Me and my brother got taken away from our biological parents at birth. My mom was using drugs while pregnant with us, so we got placed into the system at birth. We went 17 years not knowing anything about ourself or our family," Davon said.

According to Tavon, the two were adopted at two years old, but their situation was far from ideal.

"In our home, everybody thought everything was all good, but I feel like if somebody took the extra time and take the extra precaution and steps to step in and see how we were really doing, to really talk to us, I feel like we would have opened up, but we never really had nobody to do that," Tavon said.

The two said their mission is spreading the word that more people with experience living in the foster care system are needed to create change and improve the system.

“By us doing this, now people are wanting to get involved and wanting to figure out, like okay, ‘How can I foster? How can I adopt? How can I help?’ So by us doing this, it’s opening up eyes all around the world," Davon said.

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