CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Auto Show is back after a year off in 2021 and the event will help showcase vehicles to consumers. 

What You Need To Know

  • Vehicle sales are slightly down in 2022 so far in northern Ohio

  • The Auto Show usually helps boost auto sales

  • March is usually a good month for sales since it is right after the Auto Show


Lou Vitantonio, the President of the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association, said the Cleveland Auto Show historically helps people search for a car.

He said they have 35 different car companies with over 500 new cars under one roof. 

“They can always visit their dealership, they can always look online. But you can’t touch and feel multiple brands in one place. So that’s the purpose of the auto show,” he said. 

Vitantonio said that new car sales in northern Ohio are down slightly this year compared to 2021. He said it’s not because of a lack of interest. 

“We’re off a little bit in January because we just don’t have the supply. Vehicles are being produced. They’re automatically being sold right off the lot so they don’t stick around very long,” he said.

He also said supply chain shortages have impeded the hot car market. Vitantonio said sometimes, a car could miss just one part in the production line, putting it in manufacturing limbo.

“One component part can throw off production for an entire vehicle,” Vitantonio said. 

Vitantonio isn’t worried about getting those numbers up. He said history is on his side since the auto show almost always gives sales a boost. 

“March is the number one selling month of any month in the calendar year of any month over the past 10 years because of the auto show,” Vitantonio said.