SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point said its Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster will remain closed through the rest of the year after a piece of debris fell from the ride and injured a woman on Sunday. 

According to a Cedar Point spokesperson, a small metal object became disengaged from the Top Thrill Dragster as a woman was waiting in line. The woman was taken to a hospital. The park did not have an update on their condition.

The ride has been closed since Sunday’s incident. 

“We want to fully understand what happened and why,” Cedar Point said in a statement. “Together with the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture's Division of Amusement Ride Safety & Fairs, third party investigators, engineers and the ride's manufacturer, we are being careful, methodical and thorough. We will not rush the investigation and will work tirelessly in our search for answers in the interest of improving safety.”

According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, roller coasters in Ohio are required to undergo two inspections per year with two inspectors per visit. Before 2021, inspections were only required once a year. 

A second annual inspection of the ride was scheduled for September, according to Department of Agriculture spokesperson Katie Boyer. Boyer added that four inspectors last looked at the ride on May 14. 

According to an inspection report by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the ride largely passed its inspection. The report noted several issues with constraints, but the inspectors said the ride came into compliance one day following the inspection. 

Boyer said that an inspector was on site immediately after the department was notified of the accident. She added that inspectors were at Cedar Point on Monday conducting an investigation into Sunday's incident.