Meghan Stanley and her husband took their two kids to see a game at Progressive Field, which is something the family does each year.
"So when we first got to the game Hadleigh, who just turned 3, and my son Cooper, who is almost 6, played happily in the kids clubhouse," Stanley said. "It was a great time. We were really excited for Hadleigh to come to her first game because our family really enjoys going to baseball games."

As the game started, the noise became too much for Hadleigh whose ears are sensitive to loud noises.

"There were people that started to filter in," Stanley said. "The announcers were announcing different things. And then when the music started everything got Hadleigh got very upset. Kept sticking her fingers in her ears crying the biggest tears that I've ever seen her cry."

The Stanleys usually keep headphones with them for Hadleigh but left them behind in the car. So Stanley tried to find some to buy inside the stadium.

"She kept saying, 'Mommy, please take me to the car. Go back to the car.' And so I went to guest services and asked them if they had headphones I could buy. Honestly, I wanted to get the headphones as fast as I could so she could calm down because I knew that's what she needed."

Stanley was surprised when guest services told her she didn't have to purchase headphones.

"They told me that they did not have headphones that we could buy but that they had sensory kits that we could get from guest services," She said. "So I went to guest services and was able to turn my drivers license in and they gave me a really nice sensory bag that was able to help her."

Stanley said the sensory kit helped Hadleigh enjoy the game.

"Inside the bag, there were headphones which we needed immediately and as soon as we got them, she was able to calm down. She walked happily back to her seat," Stanley said. "There was a weighted lap pad that sat on her lap and put a little bit of weight on her and helped with the sensory overload. There were fidgets that people that have sensory processing are able to use to calm down."

She posted the experience on Facebook to thank the team for making the stadium more inclusive to everyone. She said she's grateful Progressive Field has the kits available.

"Just the fact that it was here for my daughter and then for other people to use," Stanley said. "It was just huge. It was overwhelming and overwhelming feeling. I'm a teacher so I know the importance of getting children and people what they need and it's just overwhelming to know that the Indians have the sensory bags and a sensory room available to make the games more inclusive for everybody."​