SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said Wednesday he believes more than one suspect was involved in the mass shooting that injured six people. 

Graf said police received calls to 1935 S. Yellow Springs St. at 1:49 a.m. He said responding officers were met with a "chaotic" scene, and immediately began assessing injuries and looking for the suspects. 

A group had gathered at the location to honor the life of someone who had passed away a few years ago, police said. 

Police said the six victims were all transported to nearby hospitals, one with gunshot wounds to the chest, but all are expected to survive. They are between the ages 20-25. 

Gov. Mike DeWine said earlier Wednesday that two people were in custody, but Graf didn't confirm it, saying the department had no contact with DeWine's office. Graf also said it's an ongoing investigation, but from the evidence they have collected, he believes it was more than one person. 

But Graf did echo DeWine, saying city leaders are expecting a "summer of violence."

"We're looking toward a summer of violence in our cities. We have to take action," DeWine said. 


It's the eighth mass shooting in Ohio since May 2, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker. A mass shooting is defined as three or more people injured or killed. 

The Springfield Police Department, the Clark County Sheriff's Office, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Ohio State Highway Patrol are investigating the incident. Anyone will information is encourage to contact police.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.