CLEVELAND — Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson will allow the city’s COVID-19 civil emergency to expire on Monday. 

In conjunction with Ohio easing COVID-19 restrictions June 2, masks will no longer be required in most indoor venues in the city. 

Jackson will require city employees to return to the workplace by June 14 unless given a medical exemption. The city will continue to require employees to wear face coverings, submit to temperature screenings and practice good hygiene while on the job. 

City Hall will reopen to the public starting July 6. The city will require face coverings to be worn by visitors. 

“Despite the ongoing decline in new COVID-19 cases, the city will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 data,” Jackson said in a statement.  “If new cases, hospitalizations and/or deaths begin to rise, we will revisit the decision to reopen. We must continue to be vigilant and use the measures we know have been effective — get your vaccine, wash your hands and social distance. The pandemic is not over.”

On Thursday, Cuyahoga became the fifth Ohio county to reach a majority of the total population vaccinated, according to Ohio Department of Health data. State data has also shown a stark decline in the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths related to the coronavirus within Cuyahoga County.