OHIO — The White House released fact sheets to address each state's needs under the American Jobs Plan Monday, which includes investing billions of dollars to fix Ohio's infrastructure. 

Last week, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the state a C- for its infrastructure, which includes the condition of bridges, railways, storm water systems, broadband reach and more. 

According to the White House's report, nearly 1,400 bridges and 5,000 miles of highways are in poor condition. 

Ohio's roadways carry the third-highest freight volume in the nation, according to ASCE. The state also accomodates the the sixth-most vehicle miles traveled, which makes it "an essential tool in the national economy," according to ASCE. 

"The report card’s findings also underscore Ohio’s concerted efforts to modernize and innovate in the state’s roads and energy grid. While these successes are notable, decision makers shouldn’t become overly consumed with next-generation technologies at the expense of addressing current needs," ASCE wrote on its website.

The White House report also states more than 6% of Ohioans are living in areas that don't provide minimally acceptable broadband internet speeds.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine's office has been putting in more efforts to expand broadband to underserved areas. Last week, DeWine announced a broad public-private partnership, spurred by BroadbandOhio — one of DeWine's initiatives — to expand cheap, high-speed internet to residents in East Cleveland.

In February, the Ohio House passed a measure that would put $210 million toward increasing broadband access. State officials said around 300,000 households and more than 1 million residents lack access to high-speed internet.

The White House report also addressed issues like child care, housing, caregiving, clean energy jobs and veteran health. You can view the full report below. 

Aaron Goldstein contributed to this report.