CLEVELAND — A Northeast Ohio bookstore is sharing its shelf space with local writers, including a Cleveland woman who’s empowering others to live their best lives.

What You Need To Know

  • Loganberry Books offers local writers the opportunity to sell their books in the store on a consignment basis
  • "Boss Ladies of CLE" was written and published during the pandemic with area female leaders' success stories

Miesha Headen helps ensure local voices are heard.

“There remains so much interest in local stories just because people want to know what’s happening in this region,” she said.

Headen helps area authors connect with the community through the Local Voices program at Loganberry Books.

About 370 authors are currently participating and provide pages on a wide range of topics. They can start out selling their books at the store through a consignment term of three months.

“If it’s doing successfully, such as ‘Boss Ladies of CLE,' which is doing remarkably well, we just keep renewing the term,” she said.

This book is selling so well that Loganberry Books was sold out Tuesday.

They’ve ordered more copies and they should be on shelves soon.

“She’s on top of it and she’s really, really good at her marketing,” Headen said. “I’m proud of her as an author. She has so much to teach other people about how to sell books."

“I had a feeling that this book was something the market was missing and that we needed it. Specifically, here in Cleveland," Maggie Sullivan said.

Sullivan is the author of "Boss Ladies of CLE."

She published the book herself in May 2020 during the height of the pandemic.

“I really wanted to amplify the voices of women who have found their power or some sort of autonomy in their life, so that other women can read the book and use it as a frame work,” she said.

The book highlights success stories of women like Ahlam Abbas, who founded her own skincare company, Dirty Lamb.

“I think the book shows everyday women like myself that are doing amazing things and it gives people that hope and opportunity that they can do it themselves, too,” Abbas said.

The women’s stories are helping readers start a new chapter in their own lives, to reach their own happily ever after.

“Success often isn’t about having a skill or talent that other people don’t have. It’s about putting in the work and just getting started,” Sullivan said.

For more information, click here to visit the Boss Ladies of CLE's website.