COLUMBUS, Ohio — Snowy owls are making their presence known in Ohio. 

Snowy owls don’t show up in Ohio very much, according to the Cleveland Metroparks. The first snowy owl was spotted in Cleveland along the Lake Erie shore on Nov. 27. 

Now, they are popping up across the state, including outside of Columbus. Officials said another one was spotted at Alum Creek in central Ohio. 

Cleveland Metroparks said they normally nest around 2,000 miles north of the state, which is why it’s uncommon to see them around. However, when they do stray from their usual areas, they can be found in open areas near frozen lakes. 

They're attracted to treeless areas in general, so it's possible to find them in open crop fields or around farms. 

The massive birds usually hunt at night, but during the day, they sit out in the open, waiting for their prey. 

"Best sites to search for these beauts include Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation Edgewater Park, Edgewater Marina, Wendy Park, and East 55th Marina," the Cleveland Metroparks said. 

They'll be updating sightings regularly on their Facebook page

The Cleveland Metroparks warns not to engage or disturb the owl in any form. They can become protective and will see you as a threat. Instead, grab a pair of binoculars and look from a distance.