COLUMBUS, Ohio — Kaydence Lamp, 8, got her wish: A strawberry-themed circus.

What You Need To Know

  • Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana hosted strawberry-themed circus for Kaydence Lamp, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at eight months old

  • Goal was to send family to Disney World, but had to reroute because of COVID-19

  • Family and friends joined Kaydence to celebrate with funnel cake, games, and a circus performance

Lamp was diagnosed with brain cancer at just 8 months old—the reason Wish Relations manager Isabella Marini said the Make-A-Wish foundation could bring her dream to life.

“Kaydence was referred to us and qualified because of her condition. She is currently awaiting a liver transplant so as she is waiting she’s going through our wish journey and our wish process and part of that is determining what her one more heartfelt wish is,” said Marini.

Lamp and her family were set to go to Disney World, but the pandemic required some re-routing. So instead, a strawberry circus was held with funnel cake, games, and a performance.

“Make-A-Wish made that happen for her and here we are today with all her supporters, her family,” said Lamp's grandmother Dena Fanin at the event.

She said it hasn’t been an easy journey for their family.

“We think we’re getting through something, and then they tell us it’s one more thing so just to see the smile on her face and how much she’s fighting. She keeps pushing,” Fanin said.