CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio - If you picked up gardening as a new hobby throughout the pandemic, you may be wondering how to keep your greens growing as the temperatures trend downward.

What You Need To Know

  • In August, Spectrum News 1 visited The Ohio State University Extension's Victory Garden

  • Now, educators are preparing their crops for cooler temperatures

  • Cold-hearty plants like raddishes and lettuce are suitable for the changing climate

Dr. Tim McDermott, DVM is an eductor with The Ohio State University Extension in Franklin County.

He said row cover is an option for gardeners looking to continue their growing into the fall and winter seasons.

"The thing I love about the row cover is that oxygen moves through it. Rainfall can go through it, so it doesn't build up a ton of heat and when it rains, your crops get irrigated. You have to make sure you pick plants that are cold tolerant," he said.

More information on how to garden can be found at the Growing Franklin blog. McDermott regularly posts videos and explainers on how to be a better gardener.