CINCINNATI — A place called 1628 Limited is where Parts Town LLC Vice President of Brand and Communications Erik Koenig spends his work day.

What You Need To Know

  • Business professionals who are working from home are utilizing the coworking space at 1628 Limited

  • 1628 offers private office spaces, conference rooms, and communal co-working space

  • Those who use the space say it's a great way to stay productive

“I don't want to get into the habit of being at home and staying in shorts or whatever. I like to get dressed up," Koenig said. 

He says working out of this space gives him a different perspective.

“Having a location to where I can have my designated space, but also be out in an environment in some way and be able to walk outside and be in the city or just interact with different people,” said Koenig.

Koenig is one of close to a dozen members who use the co-working space at 1628 Limited. This space offers communal co-working space, offices, and conference rooms.


“People who are not used to working from home are starting to get home burnout,” said Tamara Schwarting, the CEO of 1628 Limited. “And they're looking for opportunities, either on a one-off basis or on a regular basis to be able to, as we call it, escape to work.”

Schwarting started this company four years ago as a way to offer business professionals a different environment while working remotely.

“We give them all the advantages of having a professional setting, but obviously in a very social distance way,” said Schwarting. “So whether it's a one-off you need to meet with a partner, or if you need just to escape from your house and have a place to focus and be able to really deliver work, we provide that.”

And these are all the things that Koenig says makes 1628 an ideal space for working.

“I would recommend co-working spaces when you need to think through how to be productive during your day and how you want to keep your brain active,” said Koenig. “Co-working spaces are a great opportunity.”

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