PARMA, Ohio — While Ohio has lifted restrictions to start allowing outdoor visits with loved ones in nursing homes, not every facility is able to accommodate visits just yet. 

That means some families have to wait even longer.

In northeast Ohio, the Watson family hasn't been able to see their mother, Harriet Watson, 91, at her Parma nursing home in four months.

It's even more difficult because of dementia—the disease that is slowly taking her away.

Harriet Watson is a mother of six, but her children said their mom hasn't recognized them in years. 

Nonetheless, her devoted daughters kept visiting their mom every week at her nursing home, but that came to an abrupt halt in March. 

"We really had no no warning, no warning whatsoever," said Harriet's daughters, Diane Novey and Kim Vah. 

"You know we figure she's in good hands, physically and everything, it's just not knowing the personal care sometimes that she might be getting," Novey said. "That's a little bothersome and everything. ... We're leaving it in their hands and everything. For example, are they putting her glasses on her? And typically they don't unless we make a point of going to get them for her. So, it's little things like that that can be a little bit bothersome."

The family had to miss their mother's 91st birthday in April and Mother's Day in May.

Pleasant Lake Village in Parma said they are waiting on the National Guard to come test employees next week and then see what they need to do from there.  ​

Vah said she just got word they may be able to start visits July 28, but with heavy restrictions in place.