SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point is celebrating its 150th anniversary this season — but this year it will look a little different.  

“You can’t visit the park this year without a reservation. So, you want to go online with your ticket or season pass, make a reservation for the date you want to come, and then come to the park," said Tony Clark, director of communications for Cedar Point.

What You Need To Know

  • You will need to make an online reservation to come to the park. You won't be able to purchase a ticket on-site

  • When you arrive, you'll go through a temperature check

  • Face masks are required with three exceptions: inside restaurants while eating, water rides, and designated "Relax Zones"

  • Lines and seating on rides will be socially-distanced

Before entering "America's Roller Coast," guests will go through a temperature check and contactless entrance into the park.    

When purchasing something from the gift shop, people will ring themselves out. And even though it's outside, masks are required.

“Wearing a face covering is very important and critical to the visit. It's a, it's a safety guideline that's in place, that we have in place for this business, so you do have to wear one, our associates are wearing them as well," Clark said.

And because it can get a little hot waiting in line, standing in the sun, Cedar Point has set up what they're calling "Relax Zones," and with the exception of sitting down in a restaurant or going on a water ride, they're the only places in the park where you can take off your mask. You can sit down, take a break — all while social distancing.

“And if they do not comply, we will eventually ask them to leave the park. So, we have to play by the rules in order to have fun. And we know that it's a different way of life, but it's a way of life we have to have while we're here at Cedar Point,” said Clark.

Ride warriors will be asked to social distance while in line, and not every seat on a roller coaster and thrill ride will be full.

“All the frequently-touched services in the park are going to be sanitized and cleaned quite frequently throughout the day, You're not going to see it in between every single ride cycle on some of our rides, but you'll see them every few cycles.”

Cedar Point representatives say they're following state and CDC guidelines carefully.

“We're ready to open, we're excited to open, but we all have to do this together. We need guests to play by the rules, we're playing by the rules, and we unfortunately have to do that just to have a safe and fun summer. We're looking forward to having guests back,” said Clark.

Cedar Point is open to season pass holders Friday, and this weekend they'll begin general admission reservations.