COLUMBUS, Ohio - Playon Patrick spent Wednesday night introducing former President of the United States Barack Obama.

"That was one of the most crazy experiences of my life," Patrick said.

Patrick was chosen by the My Brother's Keeper Alliance. The organization is an intiative of the Obama Organization and put together the virtual town hall.

The recent Fort Hayes High School graduate and soon to be Ohio State University student is also a five time winner of the City of Columbus' Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Oratorical Contest.

Prior to the introduction, Patrick performed a poem he wrote titled, "2020 Quarantine Killings".

"How do black boys write about their city?" Patrick asked. "How do we know streets if we don't know uncracked sidewalk? They ask how do these black boys no anything about their city," Patrick said during his performance.

On Thursday, Patrick reflected on his poem while speaking with Spectrum News 1.

"My inspiration for the poem came from the fact that there's a large chunk of history that we as African American males are missing, so in my piece I wanted to capitalize and focus on just how much of this city we've built with these hands, but we don't even know," he said.

Through his poetry, Patrick said he can express the world as he sees it to those who may not share the same life experiences.

"For someone who doesn't have this kind of lifestyle, who is not African-American, even male to that extent can kind of get a feel or a taste or a tad bit of what it's like to be in someone else's skin. You know, walk a mile in someone else's shoes," he said.