CINCINNATI, Ohio—While the coronavirus pandemic has created stress and anxiety for a lot of us and many businesses, we’ve also seen these people step up to help each other during this difficult time. 

  • Jim and Jack's offered free meals to Cincinnati area police officers
  • Officers say the support gives them a much needed moral boost while continuing to work
  • The restaurant plans to offer free meals to officers once a week during the coronavirus pandemic 

Restaurants all across the state like Jim and Jack’s on the river in Cincinnati are dealing with empty parking lots as the restaurants are closed to only carry-out businesses. But this restaurant did something a little different to give back to those that are serving our communities.

It’s an unusual time for restaurants and bars like Jim and Jack’s- they say this is usually their busiest time. 

“Quiet, way too quiet," Karen Hartwig the general manager of Jim and Jack's said. "Because this place is usually pretty hustle bustle.”

But as restaurants turn to carry-out only, some have gotten creative in how to reach out to their community.

“Everyone is having a tough time," Hartwig said. "And we wanted to do something that would promote a little good will in the neighborhood.“

“They contacted us and offered to feed our men and women, our officers that were working that day and we thought it was such an awesome idea," Sgt. Jacob Hicks the district 3 liaision for the Cincinnati Police Department said. "These neighborhood businesses are showing their support of us.”

So police officers from around the city flooded Jim and Jack’s for their free meal

Police officers say the support from the neighborhoods is a huge moral booster during such a difficult time.

“We all do have families, we’re going through the same problems as everyone else is right now," Sgt. Hicks said. "But knowing that there’s that neighborhood support and that those businesses support us is definitely a big boost for us.”

“We’re going to make lemonade out of lemons," Hartwig said.

Jim and Jack’s employees say even though their restaurant isn’t seeing as much business as usual, they knew it was the right thing to do.

“I think when you do good things, they come back to you ten fold," Hartwig said.

And police officers are more than grateful for the gesture. 

“I would tell them thank you," Sgt. Hicks said. "That moral boost for our officers is phenomenal and that we really appreciate it.”

Jim and Jack’s employees encourage everyone across the state to continue to support their local bars, restaurants and businesses through this difficult time. They also say they plan to host free meal days for police officers once a week during this time.