NORTH CANTON, Ohio — Walsh University, in North Canton, was selected by scientific instrument manufacturer Shimadzu to join its SPARQ College Program.

  • The program bridges academic research, analytical instruments and application development
  • Walsh will receive $1.1 million worth of mostly chromatography equipment 
  • For students, the program allows for more real-world experience

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Mike Dunphy says it’s a perfect fit.

“Walsh has always had a very strong science program, and so being able to partner with a company like Shimadzu, which has a global print, has a global presence, is terrific because these partnerships aren't just about selling equipment to us. They truly do partner to allow our students and our faculty to upgrade the research we can do with our chemistry and biology programs,” Dunphy said.

The program bridges academic research, analytical instruments and application development.

Walsh will receive $1.1 Million in mostly chromatography equipment. 

“And these are state-of-the-art instruments, they’re not like low-end,” said Dunphy. “These are really upper-level.  So, the kind of results we're going to get is very publishable, it puts us on par with some of the biggest universities in the country. It also is very attractive for those people in our community in the corporate world who need samples analyzed.”

Students, like senior Brad Caston, said the program allows for more real-world experience.

“So, as a science student that's doing research right now, I was just ecstatic to hear about the partnership that Walsh has with Shimadzu, and the new equipment that's coming in because right now I'm doing research with chromatography, and this is gonna, like, I'll be able to advance my research so much and have such a better...I can make it just a higher quality,” said Caston.

Not only does the partnership benefit students while they’re in school, but it also helps translate their skills to hiring managers.

“The opportunity's gonna, yeah, it's amazing what it's going to do for anyone's resume that's going to be utilizing this equipment, because it's like having the experience of using state-of-the-art technology is going to give you the upper hand on anyone else in the area that doesn't have that same experience,” said Caston. 

Walsh will receive the instruments this fall.