COLUMBUS, Ohio — The head of former President William Howard Taft is getting polished and sanded by artist Andrew Lundberg.

  • He works in Columbus’ Franklinton neighborhood, doing everything from murals to metal work
  • He created a sculpture for Pilot Dogs
  • He hopes each piece of art helps put Franklinton on the map

It’s a fitting task for this Ohio-centric artist, who likes never being sure where his workday will take him.

“I could say, when I was a kid, I would get bored easy. You can see I do a bunch of different stuff…being able to continue to do that makes every day exciting,” said Lundberg. 

Lundberg draws inspiration from Columbus’ Franklinton neighborhood, where he works —doing everything from murals to metal work.

“Been here a little over seven years. It still is really about nothing, but I like it.” 

From the Airstream trailer he used to live in, to the murals dotting the walls of old buildings, Lundberg works to leave his mark on Franklinton —and with a brand-new sculpture for Pilot Dogs, an organization providing guide dogs for the visually impaired. 

“It was a collaboration, I brought in the man and the dog, Jay brought in the idea of a puppy looking aspirational, looking up to them,” said Lundberg. 

As he cuts letters out for a project that’s about to ship, Lundberg hopes each piece of art helps put Franklinton on the map.

“It’s just nice to know everybody is around working. It is funny, the stereotype of an artist is that they are some of the hardest working people I have ever met, like busy little bees, everybody working all the time,” said Lundberg. 

Working as a community of artists to raise a community up, and make a neighborhood better —from guide dogs to our 27th president.