DAYTON, Ohio– Sometimes, the love of man's best friend can change your mood, and uplift your spirit.

That's why Lutheran Church Charities comfort dog ministry made a stop in Dayton this week. To help those who are grieving following the shooting.


Stella Lee, Dayton resident, summed up how many of us have felt this week using only three words. 

"Sad. Nervous. Scared."

She even acknowledged that it's okay to feel that way.

"Understand that it might happen again. And it's okay to feel scared because a lot of people feel scared."


Stella and her mother Kimberly were walking along Fifth Street as they passed by where the shooting took place.

"I wanted to show her that although this unfortunate, tragic event happened in our city; that our city pulls together and comes together and supports each other," said Mom Kimberly Lee.


It was there they met Bekah and five other Golden Retrievers from Lutheran church charities. 

They're comfort dogs that travel the country responding to disasters and crises.

"They're the bridge to allow people to talk. Often they'll talk to a dog rather than talking to a person, and it begins the healing process for a lot of people."


"They came a long way just to be here with us and help us through the healing process, and that's important," said Kimberly.

For the people passing by borders says the dogs provide a sense of hope, and as Stella summed it up;

"It makes them feel happier."