Close to 75,000 Ohioans entered into a statewide lottery this past year for their chance at some of the world's most sought after spirits.

The Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control holds a yearly lottery for bourbon which is produced in limited quantities. This year, five batches of Pappy Van Winkle and five batches of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection were up for grabs.

Winners were announced last week. There were 781 winners.  It's free to enter and it's your only chance at getting your hands on a bottle, but the bourbon itself will still cost you the regular retail price.

The bottles range from about $55 to $250.

"Some of that product wouldn't even make it to the shelf in the store," Lindsey LeBerth said. LeBerth works as Brand Manager for the Division of Liquor Control. She said the lottery gives all bourbon lovers an even playing field when searching for the spirit.

"People would come in and buy it so quickly or it would be held for the bourbon list at the agency or the agency's best customers and it was really limiting the amount of people in Ohio that were able to get this product because it does only come out once a year and it is on such a limited basis," she said.

The bourbon is being delivered this week and winners will be able to purchase it from January 21 to February 1. It is illegal to resell the bourbon. The Department of Commerce works in partnership with the Department of Public Safety to investigate such crimes.