In celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Ohio Farm Bureau, North High Brewing Co. and farmers across the state are partnering for a special Cover Crop Beer.

Matt Cunningham is one of the famers involved in the project. He co-owns Rustic Brew Farm in Marysville. The fourth generation farmer began growing barley in 2014 as corn and soy crops took a dip in the market.

"Looking to diversify our farm a little bit and I saw the craft beer industry going crazy and I wanted to tie that back with Ohio farms," Cunningham said.

Four years later, Rustic Brew Farm has sold malted barley and hops to over 35 different breweries.

Jason McKibben is Brewmaster of North High Brewing Co.

"We're using Matt's malt. We're using malt from barley that was grown in Ohio, not malted in Ohio, but grown in Ohio, so we're kind of spreading around amongst the farms. We have about four different hop farms that we've found and so we're just trying to pull from all corners of the state and make something that's super tasty and easy to drink," McKibben said.

The Cover Crop is available in cans in most places where beer is sold and as draft in most bars and restaurants throughout the state.