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Local school board meetings have been besieged by parents and others who claim children are being exposed to Critical Race Theory concepts in the classroom.

In this episode, Curtis Jackson takes a look at how conservative political candidates in Ohio and elsewhere are hosting town halls on the subject and lawmakers are introducing bills aimed at CRT. Curtis speaks with Gerald Torres, professor of law at Yale law School and a founder of CRT, and takes an in-depth look at Critical Race Theory from an academic view and the challenges of the issue in a polarized political environment.

About the Podcast

Our political system can feel like a complicated and gridlocked machine that we have little ability to influence. The truth is, you CAN change things when you know how. Enter Spectrum News 1 Anchor Curtis Jackson, who brings to the table decades of experience covering political news and events. Join him for meaningful conversations with decision-makers that will give you the tools you need to make your voice heard on the most important issues we face in Ohio.

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