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There is a new battleground in the culture wars: the classroom. Republican legislatures are targeting Critical Race Theory, including lawmakers in Ohio. But what is Critical Race Theory and how much a presence does it have in the state’s public elementary, middle and high schools? In this episode of Dear Ohio, Spectrum News anchor Curtis Jackson looks at what CRT is (and isn’t), and how the debate surrounding it could threaten local control of schools and important discussions about race and inequality.

In this series of reports, Curtis Jackson examines how the past is informing current policy in Ohio and political debate in the state and beyond. 

About the Podcast

Our political system can feel like a complicated and gridlocked machine that we have little ability to influence. The truth is, you CAN change things when you know how. Enter Spectrum News 1 Anchor Curtis Jackson, who brings to the table decades of experience covering political news and events. Join him for meaningful conversations with decision-makers that will give you the tools you need to make your voice heard on the most important issues we face in Ohio.

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