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President Joe Biden calls gun violence in America an “epidemic,” and some researchers are once again calling for a public health approach to the problem. Right now, there's a major shortage of knowledge about the prevalence of firearms, the explosion of injuries and fatalities surrounding them and the best ways to prevent or reduce the impact of gun violence.

In this episode of Dear Ohio, Curtis Jackson explores the Dickey Amendment, an obscure provision attached to the annual appropriations legislation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a quarter century. It prohibits the CDC from using federal funds to advocate for or promote gun control. Curtis talks to a northeast Ohio researcher about the challenge of a public health approach to gun violence. ​​              

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Our political system can feel like a complicated and gridlocked machine that we have little ability to influence. The truth is, you CAN change things when you know how. Enter Spectrum News 1 Anchor Curtis Jackson, who brings to the table decades of experience covering political news and events. Join him for meaningful conversations with decision-makers that will give you the tools you need to make your voice heard on the most important issues we face in Ohio.

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