OHIO — The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported 806 known bald eagle nests throughout the state, marking a 14% increase from 2020. 

According to ODNR, bald eagle nesting success was at an estimated rate of 82% in the spring of 2021, and the number of young per nest was 1.6, well above the number of one per nest needed to sustain the population. 

“Bald eagle management by the Division of Wildlife includes habitat conservation with an emphasis on wetlands and wooded river corridors, working with rehabilitators who help injured birds recover, and helping to enforce protective state and federal laws,” said Division of Wildlife Chief Kendra Wecker. “We are incredibly proud that Ohio’s bald eagle population continues to improve and grow.”

ODNR said bald eagles nest near Lake Erie and other large waterbodies because of easy access to food resources.

Bald eagles were removed from the federal threatened and endangered species list in 2007, and from Ohio’s list in 2012.

ODNR said Ohioans can report a bald eagle nest at wildohio.gov or through the HuntFish OH mobile app.