AKRON, Ohio — After receiving nearly a foot of snow by Monday, the City of Akron needed several days to dig out from this week’s massive winter storm. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Akron area had nearly a foot of snow by midday Monday

  • While the City of Akron continued to plow main roads, some side streets were not touched until Wednesday

  • The deemed all roadways “passable” on Wednesday, but continued clean up efforts into Thursday

  • Residents are encouraged to contact 311 with additional service needs

Like Cleveland, its larger neighbor to the north, Akron Public Schools were closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Also like Cleveland, many side streets in Akron did not see a snow plow for several days. 

The City of Akron said that all 55 available trucks were out on roadways throughout the winter storm. The city is responsible for all roads within city limits except for interstates, which are handled by the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

The city said that all roadways within the city had been plowed by noon Wednesday. The city added that all roads should have been passable by then. 

On Thursday, the city continued to have 28 trucks continuing to clean up from the storm, which ended Monday morning. Earlier in the day, the city lifted its snow emergency parking ban. 

The city said that residents are encouraged to contact 311 if they would like additional service.