COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio — It's a full day of sweep, beep, dig, repeat.​

Scott Power, better known as "The Ohio History Hunter," is on a quest for hidden treasure. He's metal detecting the grounds of a home in Columbia Station with ties to the War of 1812. 

Power said the home is from "Captain Hoadley of the Block House from the War of 1812. He built this house for his daughter and her husband at the time.”

It's only had three owners since it was built.

“The homeowners that have it now are going through and remodeling, and are quite interested in the history of the house. (They) found out about me and wanted to know what might be in the property.”

While remodeling, the current homeowners found a cannonball hidden inside the walls so the expectation for the search outside is high. 

Power said he enjoys metal detecting in his spare time because the hobby is easy on his body.

"I can do this with one hand with a $7 shovel.” He also uses a metal detector and special pinpointer. "Most of my gear here was probably in total about $200."

His most notable find on the property so far is a sterling silver ring with gold leaves. It dates between the 1930s to 50s. However, since it’s handmade, the true date is impossible to pin down. The estimated worth is $100 and after discovering the ring and having it cleaned, Power said he is returning it to the homeowner. 

Power said he hopes the ring is a sign of more hidden treasure. 

“There’s a lot of land still to hunt," he said.