Our pattern doesn't change through Saturday but we start to see changes by Sunday.

What You Need To Know

  • Dangeroulsy hot and humid through Saturday

  • Heat alerts continue for Friday throughout the state as it could feel like up to 100-105 degrees
  • Changes expected Sunday as the heat begins to break with some rain and storms

Our temperatures heat to the mid 90s for most late week. For Friday, there's a chance of a few pop up storms as well. 

The heat index ranges up to 95-105 degrees in the afternoon as heat alerts continue Friday.

Saturday is similar as temperatures don't budge out of the 90s, most of us will flirt near record highs once again.

A cold front starts to edge toward the Ohio valley by Sunday, in turn, changes arrive.

We can expect another very warm and humid day Sunday but temperatures drop slighlty into the upper 80s to lower 90s with more of a chance of wet weather. The rain is needed! Not everyone will see it, but it's our greatest opportunity late weekend.

There's scattered showers and storms developing along the cold front by Sunday evening and night.

Humidity levels drop a bit with more relief into Monday.