CINCINNATI — For years, Black women have helped pave the way for others to enjoy the freedoms they have today.

What You Need To Know

  • Ms. Ebony J. Wynn is an educator, radio personality, and entrepreneur

  • She's wanted to be a teacher since the age of 5

  • Wynn is currently a media teacher at Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati

  • She hopes to use her knowledge to empower students and pave the way for others

Ebony J. Wynn is a media teacher at Dohn Community High School. She’s wanted to be a teacher since she was little. 

“Since the age of 5, I wanted to be a teacher, preacher and on the radio,” she said. “I focused my sole life on being a radio personality and getting the skills that I needed to be a teacher and help other people. But I do it naturally.”

In light of Black History Month, Mikela Fagan and her peers are doing research on historical Black figures. Fagan chose comedian and actor Eddie Murphy. Podcasts, skits, and songs are just some of the other skills she’s learned in this class. It’s all thanks to Wynn.

“She is really a good teacher that inspires all of us,” she said. “She touched all of our hearts. She tells us right from wrong. She teaches us a lot.”

After class is over, Wynn is off to media club where she helps students with their projects. It’s a time when students work on scripts and podcasts. Or even record their songs in the studio. 

If it weren’t for mentors, Wynn says she wouldn’t be where she is today. And through this program, she hopes to help kids get ahead of the game too.

“Having this program helps them understand and have all the fundamentals that they need to be able to achieve the success that they deserve,” she said. 

When Wynn isn’t in the classroom teaching, she’s off in the studio for her other job at 100.3 - R&B Cincy. Wynn has been a radio personality for over 10 years. She says it was music that helped her through the hardest times in her life. And that’s why she wants to help others like herself. 

“Every time I go on the mic and walk into that studio, my goal is to save somebody,” she said. “My goal is to motivate them and let them know that you can get through the day. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Not only is Wynn an educator and radio personality, but she also has her own clothing line. Through her hard work and dedication, she hopes to inspire others. And help pave the way for young women of color. 

“I got here by working with other people and learning,” she said. “So as doors have been open for me and now I’m opening doors, I’m just reaching back to give the next person to come join me along the journey.”