The People's People - Missouri



What do you know about your elected officials? Do you know what makes them, and the districts they represent, unique? Or why they ran for office in the first place? When we talk about politics, the national conversation seems to overshadow everything. But when it comes to the policies that impact your everyday life, your neighborhood officials are just as important as who’s in the White House. Join award-winning Spectrum News journalist Lindsey Christ as she helps you get to know “The People's People,” what makes them tick and the work they do on your behalf. This season, we’re meeting with the people of Missouri.





Lindsey Christ
Lindsey Christ

Over the course of her career, Lindsey Christ has been focused on reporting impactful stories and expanding the reach of local journalism. For nearly a decade she covered education for Spectrum News NY1, reporting thousands of stories from Queens, NY to Tokyo, Japan. Lindsey has managed teams of digital journalists and editorial producers across the northeast for Spectrum Networks and is currently the director of content strategy and integration, where she partners with senior leadership, product and editorial teams to create compelling journalism across platforms.

She has won numerous awards, including a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and the top prize for overall reporting from the NY Associated Press Broadcasters Association. She has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, including one for her overall reporting. Lindsey lives in New York with her husband, twin boys and their pug.