WORCESTER, Mass. - A ribbon cutting was held Saturday morning to introduce the traveling event to the Central Massachusetts community.

"It's a really fun exciting way to teach basic math concepts," said EcoTarium director of exhibits Katie Chappell. "Whether you're learning about height, through measuring yourself. Are you as tall as a spoon? How many apples might you be or how many water bottles? Or measuring yourself, do you weigh the same amount as a chicken?"  

The exhibit includes several interactive games like balancing scales, calipers and 3-D imaging.

Families were also able to experience a demonstration of measurements by robots through Martin Brothers Contracting.

Whether it's finding out how many chickens you weigh or using robots to measure in the construction industry, science can be both important and fun for day-to-day life.

We spoke to few families who said it's not only important for kids to be involved in STEM, but also create more opportunities for more female representation as well.

"I like measuring!" said Kinsley Wadas.

"I personally believe that everyone needs every opportunity they can to learn about science," said Hannah Sheridan. "So my daughter, we talk to her about space, and she's loving every minute of it so I think it's great to have these conversations. It's great for everyone."

The Measurement Rules traveling exhibit at the EcoTarium will run through mid-May.