WORCESTER, Mass. - Organizers at the White Eagle in Worcester said they hope their second annual Polish festival will help grow and celebrate the history and culture of the Polish community in central Massachusetts.

What You Need To Know

  • The White Eagle is celebrating their second annual Polish festival Saturday from noon to 8 p.m.

  • The Worcester sports bar became established as a Polish membership club in 1937 and is celebrating its 86th anniversary

  • The festival will featuere several Polish food vendors includng Polish Prince Pierogi, Golemo and European Bakery

  • The festival will also feature dance performances by the Piast Dancers of Webster as well as the Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston.

The Worcester sports bar became established as a Polish membership club in 1937. Saturday, they will celebrate the 86th anniversary with even more to offer than last year.

"When guests come, they'll have access to all of our Polish food that we'll make here," said lead organizer Leila Jachimczyk. "We'll also have additional food vendors this year. Polish Prince Pierogi, which will be serving Pierogi. We will also have Golemo, which is another local Polish business, they'll be selling food as well. European Bakery is another canal district business, that will be serving additional foods."

Jachimczyk said the festival will also feature dance performances by the Piast Dancers of Webster as well as the Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston. She said there will also be a performance by the Eddie Foreman Orchestra.

By Friday afternoon, many in the area were feeling excited for the weekend’s festivities.

"So I really enjoy Polish food and beer," said Worcester resident Erica Tien. "And hopefully we have a good music going on, I'm really excited for that."

Jachimczyk said the festival began as a picnic long ago before it became the event it is now. She said they had around 1,200 attendees at last years festival.

For bar manager and organizer Julie Sargentelli, a Polish festival in Worcester is a dream come true.

"Well as a young girl, I used to always go to the PAV, which was a Polish American Veterans," Sargentelli said. "Every year our family would go to the Polish festival. See I'm almost gonna cry. And when we got involved one of the things was we had to have our own Polish festival. It took us a while but we are there and we're so excited for tomorrow." 

The Polish festival will take place Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. at the White Eagle sports bar on Green Street. Sargentelli and Jachimczyk both said they hope continue hosting the annual event for many years to come.