BELCHERTOWN, Mass. - Belchertown Fire Chief John Ingram said around 100 homes in the town were left without power Tuesday morning.

He said many people are getting electricity back in their homes, but advises residents to make sure there smoke detectors are working just in case. Ingram asked people who may be using generators to use them outside for safe ventilation.

Ingram also said people still dealing with power outages should be extra careful when using candles in their homes.

"If people use candles ,there should they have at least a foot around the that candle area," said Ingram. "Make sure it has a good base, either in a glass jar or on a plate. Don't ever leave the room with it lit. Make sure you blow it out before you leave. Don't use them in your bedrooms in case you fall asleep."

Ingram asked people who may be shoveling their cars or driveways to be mindful of the road conditions and take their time during the cleanup to avoid potential injuries.