CHICOPEE, Mass. — The Fruit Fair grocery store in Chicopee had its share of last-minute shoppers stocking up on Thanksgiving supplies.

Some told us they were going all out for the big holiday meal.

"I'm shopping for just about everything," said Chicopee resident Kenneth Stearley. "Like I said, it's convenient living on the same street as the super market. I just walk over here and walk back home. It's all very convenient so I don't have to hustle and bustle around three different stores."

"I had to go get deviled eggs for my son," said Chicopee resident Lori Perry. "He's making the meal this year and so I didn't have quite enough of them and I'm buying more things because now I want to add this and I want to add that."

While the turkey is the highlight of thanksgiving for most, some are looking forward to enjoying some familiar side dishes.

"Homemade stuffing," said Chicopee resident Tracy Peters. "I have it once a year — I love it."​

"​I have to say the stuffing," said Stearley. "I like to make a homemade stuffing not from a box, I make my own bread, bread stuffing. It's a family recipe with my own twists."

The Fruit Fair is closed on Thanksgiving, but they’ll reopen Friday in case people need help fixing up the leftovers.