There are four statewide questions on the ballot this November.

One of the questions asks voters if they approve of the law allowing eligible residents to apply for a driver’s license, regardless of their immigration status.

A no vote on question four would repeal the law, meanwhile a yes vote would keep the law in place.

The law would take effect next July.

It allows Massachusetts residents who cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the country to get a driver’s license or permit, as long as they meet the other requirements to do so.

"I support question four,” Rep. Jim O’Day said. “It's been documented that hit and run accidents have been fewer because we now have folks who say "I’m documented, I’m not going to leave the scene of an accident, I have a valid license." I think it's a public safety issue and a misunderstanding issue."

"I think it sends the wrong message” Rep. Paul Frost said. “I think we're incentifying people to come here illegally. I think we're giving undocumented individuals a document even though again they're not supposed to be here legally. You’re asking the Registry of Motor Vehicles to be foreign document experts."

Volunteers who want the law repealed collected over 100,000 signatures to get the question on the ballot.

A number of local police chiefs support voting ye* and keeping the law.