EASTHAMPTON, Mass.- ​The Easthampton Public Library is raising awareness on teen mental health as experts say cases of depression in adolescents are rising.

​On Monday, the library hosted a workshop on depression after hearing from parents and caregivers about the increase of mental illnesses in teens in their community.

Youth in attendance heard from Maeve Ronan, the author of "It's the Depression For Me," about ways they can improve their situation.

Ronan said she has struggled with her mental health, but said there are many tools young people can use to address mental illness, and some are at their local library.

"If you have negative thoughts that are coming in your brain that are telling you, 'You're not good enough.' That you hate yourself.  That life isn't worth living. It's helpful to have a neutral thought," said Ronan.  "Like, 'I am ok. Everything will be alright,' and some positive truths about yourself."

Teens were also able to receive free copies of the recently released self-help book. Young adults interested in using the library's mental health resources are encouraged to reach out to the youth and teen librarian for help.