WORCESTER, Mass. - Single digit temperatures and intense winds made Tuesday very unpleasant in Worcester, particularly for people without a home.

"I have already prepared about 14 bags with hats, gloves, scarves, hand warmers, socks," said Johanna Diaz, a community navigator for the city's Department of Health and Human Services.

​Diaz is a member of Worcester's Quality of Life Task Force. The group spent the afternoon supplying warm clothes, food, and even COVID-19 tests to those without a place to go. They also offered people resources like shelters, substance abuse rehabilitation, and mental health services.

"There is an issue sometimes with miscommunication regarding whether people are banned from the shelters," said Dr. Eniya Lufumpa, Worcester's Homeless Outreach Strategist. "So this is also an opportunity for us to let them know that no, the shelters are still welcoming everybody. Especially with weather that's this cold."

The city created the task force more than six years ago. In their travels on Tuesday, they visited a couple living in a tent in the woods.

"Our main goal is to build a relationship with these people, let them know someone's out there, someone's willing to lend them a hand, and hopefully they will take whatever services they need," said team leader Dan Cahill.

The task force is out more frequently during the cold weather. During the winter months, some of the members are in the field up to four times a week. They say when they're out, they can see up to five or even 10 people which they need to help.

"Knowing how cold it is right now, it's extremely important," Diaz said.

"The temperatures are dangerous," said Cahill. "We need to get these people, however many it may be, to a shelter."