WORCESTER, Mass. - A professor at UMass Chan Medical School created a unique and timely coloring book for kids.  It's all about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Angela Messmer-Blust says the COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect chance to write “Emma RNA Saves the Day.”

You can download the coloring book here.

In the book, super heroine “Emma RNA” saves the day against the “evil spike man,” playing on the way the M-RNA vaccine works against the virus in the body.

Messmer-Blust, a mother of two, says the book helps present the science behind the COVID vaccine in a way parents and kids can understand. 

“I’m hoping that we can take the fear out of it for kids and parents by seeing the actual science of the MRNA vaccine so they can do it. Hopefully it takes the fear out of it and then they understand how it works and maybe become more interested in how their other vaccines work,” Messmer-Blust said. “The most exciting thing for me is I have parents and other colleagues, no scientist colleagues, saying ‘You know what, I actually understand how the vaccine works now.’"

Messmer-Blust says the inspiration for the book and the super heroine character came from her own daughter.