WORCESTER, Mass. - Every year, UMass Memorial Health collects unwanted firearms in exchange for gift cards, and now they're putting the guns they destroy to use.

They've partnered with a blacksmith and students from Valley Regional High School to turn the old firearms into gardening tools. Students from UMass Medical School are using them to harvest vegetables from the garden on campus. The firearms were made into shovels, hoes and even some household décor. The students started work on the garden in the spring and want the food grown here to help people in the community. 

"We have the Max Baker Resource Center, which is dedicated to a former student at our school," said student Ryan Fredette. "Previous students started that push, getting food available for our community, for people who have low access to food."

"I think it's a really good symbol that the garden is just sort of self-renewing and just continues to produce for a community in the most positive way," said Rose May, a student at the school. "So it's nice that a gun like this is able to be used to benefit the community in the most basic of ways."

The garden's vegetables will be donated to the Worcester Fridges. This year's Goods for Guns is currently scheduled for December.