WORCESTER, Mass. -New technology allows doctors to reduce radiation doses during vascular procedures.

Right now, UMass Memorial Health said they are the only center in the United States with FORS capability. Typically, minimally invasive vascular procedures are guided by x-ray, but Fiber Optic Realshape, or FORS, is guided by fiber optic cables embedded in a device.

It allows doctors to see the device in a patient's body in a three dimensional space without using x-rays.

Last week, the technology was used in a 71-year-old male patient undergoing a procedure to repair a large aortic aneurysm.

 “I don’t tend to go to the doctors all that often, but this was a special thing and everyone we talked to said you got the best man in the business and after talking to him the staff and office it was a lot easier. I was OK,” said patient Dennis Constant.

 “I think the main benefit for the patient right now is less exposure to radiation during the procedure and probably what will also become a quick and more efficient procedure time, so less time under anesthesia,” said Dr. Andres Schanzer.

UMass has two more procedures scheduled this month using the new FORS technology.

They expect it to become the standard for complex minimally invasive endovascular aortic treatment. ​