WORCESTER, Mass. - A Clark University freshman is taking her passion for baking and using it as a tool to give back to the community.

Madeline Steigman started Dough is Me! in October 2020.  She bakes sweets for students on campus who are craving a taste of home. 

She offers cookies, muffins, banana bread and her most popular item, whoopie pies. 

Steigman is also donating 15% of her proceeds to local food pantries. She started her business during her entrepreneurship class, and her motivation was simple.

Steigman said,”Starting off with how I love to bake with my family, I have a passion for baking. So, I noticed a lot of kids on campus were feeling home sick during this isolating time. And I was like, ‘Hey, I'm a commuter. I have access to homemade food. Why should I keep it to myself when I can share it?'"

Steigman says she doesn't just bake for students, she does it for anyone looking for a taste of home. 

She's now looking to create “welcome back” baskets for students returning to campus. 

You can follow Dough is Me! on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Inquiries can be sent to doughisme1@gmail.com.​






Image courtesy: Dough is Me!/Facebook