A WPI graduate is using his love for pancakes as a way to address food insecurity throughout the city of Worcester.

Justin Amevor is the founder of DoughBoyz, a social justice and sustainability foundation looking to also help underserved communities. 

Spectrum News 1 met up with Amevor in November as he walked through city parks handing out meals.

He recently got his Dough Cart, a food truck which will serve breakfast to those in need, as well as paying customers. 

Amevor is hoping to have the truck up and running this summer so he can further his mission.

"With the cart, we can go to homebound students, we can travel to food deserts and we can really focus on the things we really want to do, and again, support that mission, help people that really need it,” he said.

"We are looking at innovation and entrepreneurship from a broader perspective,” WPI's executive director of innovation and entrepreneurship Curtis Abel said. “Basically, it's not just about starting up businesses. Rather, it's a vehicle to further our purpose driven impact both locally and globally."

Amevor said his initial focus will be susceptible college students, starting at WPI. 

He's hoping to expand from there, eliminating all food insecurity in Worcester.​​