COVINGTON, Ky. — Anne Beran said she’s been working with brides for 11 years. Two years ago, things she never expected came to life as the coronavirus pandemic made its way into the area.

What You Need To Know

  • Many couples getting married in 2020 dealt with either postponing their wedding or holding it with only 10 people showing up to the ceremony

  • Anne Beran, the general manager at Donna Salyers Fabulous Bridal, said she would help the brides while working from home

  • Beran said 2021 brought shipping challenges—especially with bridesmaid dresses

  • Beran said brides should look into securing a dress as soon as possible to avoid any potential problems in the future

“I mean I had a whole setup at my kitchen table for two months where I FaceTimed people to get them measured, people were still ordering bridesmaid dresses, I even sold a bridal gown from my kitchen table. So while things came to a halt, they were still kind of going and I think that was something I didn’t expect,” Beran said.

She said she wasn’t sure what to expect, but kept working to help brides-to-be as they postponed or held very small and intimate weddings with the CDC guidelines in 2020 restricting how many people could gather in spaces. But it’s been two years—and Beran said she’s seeing a difference now.

“The ball’s rolling. A lot of brides getting married in the fall of this year who are coming to get their dresses now as they realized, okay, we’re going to be set to actually have the wedding that we want and checking things off their list. Lots of brides for 2023,” Beran said.

She said she’s even seeing 2024 brides-to-be coming in to start the hunt for the perfect dress. Getting such a head start is something she encourages brides to do—as the future is unknown with COVID-19.

“The biggest piece of advice is just to be prepared and get the ball rolling. Start planning things. You know picking your wedding gown a year and a half before your wedding only benefits you because then you can be stress free about the whole process and you don’t have to worry about shipping or delays if they do come about, but that’s also going to help you plan the rest of your wedding,” Beran said.

She said the shop doesn’t currently require masks and they work to keep up with CDC guidelines as things change over time with the virus. Beran also said that for the time being, she’s enjoying seeing guidelines be a little more relaxed and things looking a little more normal in the shop.

“COVID is still a thing—we are still living with it. It’s just nice to be a little bit normal. You know, be able to shake a hand if I want or be able to give a big hug after she says yes. It just makes that experience a little more welcoming,” Beran said.