Mostly everyone fits into at least one "phile." I’m not talking about a file that you put documents in, but more like a category. 

A phile is a form of a word that tags on to an initial element. They combine to form a word that shows love or fondness for a specific subject. 

What You Need To Know

  • A phile represents a person’s fondness or love for something specific

  • There are countless philes that our passions and hobbies fall into

  • There are weather and nature philes, too

In weather and nature, there are many philes. Which phile are you? Let’s see.


Ceraun is from the Greek word Keraunos, meaning thunderbolt. So, a ceraunophile is a person who loves lightning and thunder, a lover of thunderstorms.


Are you a lover of all things celestial?  An astrophile is a person who loves astronomy or constantly gazes at the stars.


Speaking of celestial, if you never miss an opportunity to see an eclipse, you’re an umbraphile. 

Most umbraphiles will travel far and near to satisfy their love of eclipses.


You might first think that this person loves helium. However, helio is from the Greek word hēlios, meaning sun.

So, a heliophile is a lover of the sun.


You may not be a fan of the sun, but you may be obsessed with our one and only moon.

If so, you are considered a selenophile.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? If catching sunsets is part of your daily routine, you are an opacarophile.

Opacare is Latin for dusk or sunset.


It is one thing to be a night owl.

However, if you are most comfortable and functional at night or in darkness, you are a nyctophile. 


Maybe you feel most at peace and full of joy on rainy days. If so, then you’re a pluviophile. 

Pluvio comes from the Latin word pluviālis, which means rainy. 


Snow and cold weather lovers fall under this phile.

Chion is from the Greek word khiōn, which means snow.


Cloud lovers, this phile is for you.

If you’re obsessed with the different cloud types, you study them, and maybe even photograph them, then you’re a nephophile.


If you desire to sail the seven seas, then you’re probably a thalassophile.

Thalass is a Greek word that means sea.

Did aquaphile come to mind for this?  If so, that’s also correct because an aquaphile is a lover of all things related to water.


This is a person who loves forests and trees.

The root ‘dendr’ is of Greek origin that means resembling a tree.


Mountain lovers, this is you.

If you can’t get enough of mountain climbing or you love the view of mountains, then you’re an orophile. 

Which One Are You?

We’ve gone through over a dozen philes, and you may have matched up with more than one. A love for weather and nature puts you into a “phile” all your own. 

There is one bonus phile that’s not weather or nature-related, but it still may include many of you:

Javaphiles, or lovers of coffee, this is for you! Keep your love for coffee alive!