LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Early in-person voting is happening in Kentucky through Saturday, Nov. 4.

What You Need To Know

  • Early, in-person voting takes place through Saturday, Nov. 4

  •  Jefferson County has 10 early voting locations

  •  Polls must remain open at least eight hours

Thursday not only marked the beginning for early, in-person voting in Kentucky, it was also when polling workers picked up their assignments for Tuesday’s general election.

At the Kentucky Exposition Center, there was a steady line of voters lining up to cast their ballot on the first day of early voting. 

“Between North Wing and basically South Wing. It’s this corner right here,” voter and poll worker Peggy Petredis pointed out to Spectrum News 1.

The Expo Center is also where Petredis picked up her polling assignment. .

“I am very big on the Constitution and voting is, you can’t get more important than voting as far as an American patriot,” Petredis said.

The Kentucky Expo Center is one of 10 early, in-person voting locations in Jefferson County.

Sandra Murphy is another poll worker. Murphy is recently retired and is working her first election, but like many, she has been exercising her right to vote for decades.

“I anticipate a pretty good turnout for governor,” Murphy said. “I think both of them running are pretty popular, so I do look for a pretty good turnout for this time,” she added.

Kentucky’s early voting is a three-day stint, ending Saturday evening. Murphy is preparing up for a long day Nov. 7.

“We have to be there 5:15 a.m. and then we stay until 7 o’clock that evening.”

For Peggy Petredis, it will mark her second time working the polls.

“Only my second go-around. I did the primary back in the spring,” Petredis said.

Early voting hours may vary between counties but must be open at least eight hours.