LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus are in Jefferson County. No one has been infected according to Louisville’s health department but there are precautions you can take this season. 

What You Need To Know

  • Some mosquitoes in Jefferson County are infected with the West Nile Virus
  • The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness sprayed mosquito fog in infected neighborhoods
  • Empty any standing water outside your house to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.

The Mosquito Authority is working to stop the spread of mosquitoes in the greater Louisville area. 

Nathan Butler, owner of the Mosquito Authority of Louisville, is treating yards for mosquitoes.

“Throughout the year we see more deaths globally due to mosquito-born viruses than any other single cause,” he said.

The owner said it’s pretty common to see a few cases of West Nile every season. He said preventing mosquitoes is the best way to stay safe outdoors.  

“As you treat your property, you’re obviously reducing the number of mosquitoes that are there and the fewer mosquitoes the lesser of a chance of contracting any of the numerous disease that are spread by mosquitoes here in the greater Louisville area,” Butler said. 

Last week, the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness sprayed mosquito fog off trucks in communities where West Nile was found but, Butler said, fogging is not preventative enough.

“So what we do is we help keep that down through the season. They just come through when things get to such an extensive level that something has to be done. So what we are able to do is provide that ongoing treatment so that you are not bothered the entire season,” he said. 

He said the simplest thing you can do is the “tip and toss method” which helps remove mosquito breeding grounds.

“Find places where there is standing water. It could be a frisbee; it could be a cup that was left outside. Find any of those things just empty the water out because a teaspoon of water will raise several hundred to a thousand mosquitoes,” he said. 

Although it can sound scary, he said there is no need to live in fear.

“There is not the need for extreme panic, in my opinion. I’m not a medical guy, but there is just not that need for extreme panic. There is always that need to take extra precaution,” the owner said. 

Wearing long sleeves and pants are also simple ways to protect yourself from bites.