BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — beingAI Corporation announced plans to locate its new headquarters at the Western Kentucky University Innovation Campus in Bowling Green.

What You Need To Know

  • The company’s CEO is Jeanne Lim.

  • The company created the world’s first transmedia AI being.

  • beingAI was founded in 2020.

  • The company seeks to bring arts, psychology, storytelling to A.I. characters.

Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Ron Bunch said this will revolutionize the Bowling Green Community.

“Bringing an artificial intelligence and that technology to our community will help underpin will help many initiatives we want to move forward on,” Bunch said.

Buddy Steen, the CEO of the WKU Innovation Campus, claims that this will bring growth to the community as well.

“Not only do they bring their talent here, they can bring their wealth, they can bring their network, and that really creates economic development,” Steen said. He added, “And for us, economic development is about increasing the overall standard of living culturally and economically.”

WKU’s Innovation campus will house new creators, scientists and developers. They’ll bring together art and technology to create artificial intelligence characters known as “AI Beings.”

Steen said they will implement office suites, logos and implement a hologram known as “Zbee.”

“Zbee, the trans-media AI being, her natural form of existence is in the form of a hologram, and so there will likely be a hologram here, so you can walk up, have a conversation with her,” Steen said.

The Kentucky headquarters will serve as a center for creative development, which can host immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality.

Despite the excitement, Bunch understands the skepticism behind artificial intelligence. However, he hopes the community will welcome this new era of life with open arms.

“So many people talk about various technology movies, and that may have shaded their thinking, you know, Terminator, Matrix,” Bunch said. 

“The economy is always evolving. We used to ride around on horse and buggies. Now we have self-driving cars, so the economy is always evolving, and this is just another evolution of that.”

Over the next three years, nearly $3 million will be invested into the area and 28 high-paying jobs will be created.