NORTH MIDDLETOWN, Ky. — To celebrate Memorial Day, husband and wife Justin and Susie Menke with Middle Springs Farm planted poppies and were successful with having them bloom for the weekend.

What You Need To Know

  • Middle Springs Farm has a field of flowers that is open for the public to look at. The owners planted poppies to celebrate Memorial Day.

  • Red poppies hold an important meaning for veterans and families who have lost loved ones to war.

  • The poppies were planted months ago with the hopes that they would bloom on Memorial Day weekend. The farm owners were successful with doing so.

  • Those who visited the farm felt that it was a nice tribute for fallen soldiers.

The couple purchased the farm in Jan. 2021. As a child, Justin used to spend his days out on his family’s farm in northern Kentucky.

“I’d spend entire days just wandering our 250-acres, was the farm I grew up on, playing in the creek and in the woods and wouldn’t talk to an adult all day,” said Justin.

Because of his childhood, he had aspirations his entire life to have his own farm, something that Susie supported when they became a couple.

“Justin and I met in college and his dream kind of became our dream so it’s been at least almost 15 years in the making for me since we’ve kind of come up with this and we’ve gone through many different ideas,” said Susie.

After careful consideration, an idea peaked Justin’s interest.

“Somewhere along the way, I came across the idea of agrotourism, inviting people out to farms,” said Justin.

They had their grand opening last fall. Preparations for Memorial Day weekend began shortly after they opened.

“These flowers were actually planted back in December to have them ready for Memorial Day, so our timing worked out perfectly to have them in peak-bloom for Memorial Day Weekend,” said Susie.

Red poppies grew in areas where there had been battles from World War I in Europe, according to The American Legion Family. The flowers became a symbol of the blood that was shed by fallen soldiers. In 1920, the poppy was adopted as the organization’s official flower.

“To have them blooming and blooming pretty close to peak-bloom on Memorial Day is pretty special,” said Justin.

Even though it was a rainy day, some people braved it to see the fields in person.

“It is so much more amazing than seeing the pictures online,” said Melissa Jurgensen, who visited the farm. “You really have to come out here just to grasp the size and the sheer amount of flowers that are out here.”

She was drawn to visit the farm because of her love for flowers and felt it was a good way to celebrate the holiday.

“I just felt this was a fitting tribute to come out here, despite the rain, on Memorial Day weekend,” said Jurgensen.

Middle Springs Farm will be open for Memorial Day so people can check out the flowers for themselves.